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'Same Job, Same Pay' - the most
radical IR laws in Australian History.

The Federal Government's  changes to workplace relations have nothing to do with closing loopholes nor are they about equal pay for men and women.

These changes will inflict immense harm to the economy, the weight of which will fall on the shoulders of the most vulnerable Australians who will pay more for groceries, housing and energy.

At a time when we need Government policy to bolster economic growth, encourage productivity, boost investment and spur job creation - Australia's most productive businesses face unprecedented upheaval that will restrain ambition, limit innovation and force investment overseas.

These proposed changes will mean conducting business in Australia will become substantially harder. And for many small businesses, this new catalogue of imposts and complexities will be too much too bear.

Australia's economy is heading
into unchartered waters.

Global competition is heightening, China's economy is slowing and the battle for clean energy transition is increasing. This, against a backdrop of subdued economic growth, stubbornly-high inflation, rising unemployment and an ageing population will put ongoing stress on Government budgets and the funding of vital services.

Our ongoing prosperity is under assault.

This is bad policy made worse
by terrible timing.

Why place greater restraints on the Australian economy at this time?

Why increase the burden on Australia's productive workplaces and threaten investment and job creation?

These policies will only compound the significant pressures already faced by Australians who are struggling to pay their household bills, struggling to buy a home, or struggling to find work - putting upward pressure on the cost of living, the cost of materials and the cost of doing business.

This is not about closing loopholes.

The Government says these changes are about closing loopholes when, in fact, they will tie businesses in knots.

The Government says its wants to build a ramp for workers, but all it is doing is ramping up costs.

There is a hidden motive here that needs further examination and exposure.

Contrary to the Government's suggestions, these policies seek to dramatically increase the power, reach and access of Trade Unions in all Australian businesses, small and large.


There can be no overstating of intention here. Ultimately, this is a generous payback from the Government to the unions for decades of faithful service, support and funding.

It's clear the Government will seek to legislate the ultimate ideal for Unions at the expense of workers, businesses and the wider economy.

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